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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  September 12, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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what the public will get to see please stand by for realtime captions. please stand by for realtime captions. it will be said we kept the faith, took a painful blow and
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emerged stronger. >> a new home to monitor the victims of september 11th. be the public will get to see for the first time this morning. >> an anonymous threat to disrupt the parkview. good morning, everybody. it is monday, september the 12th. >> grace lever. keeping the groans on the inside. starting up at 3:30 on the weekend. >> it is. it's so warm. warm this morning, i notice. >> and a little warmer today in the afternoons than yesterday. so that weather sense of yours, i know you did the weather check every morning. that low that's hanging off the coast in southern california keeping us a little cooler than we should be this time of year. but a few degrees warmer today and a warm-up later in the week. elizabeth, how are we doing with traffic? >> if you are about to hit the road, here's a live look at conditions. bay bridge at the toll plaza.
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nice and light. we have overnight road work in oakland and san jose. we'll tell you all about that coming up. >> all right, ladies. thank you very much. in just about two-and-a- half hours, the 9/11 memorial in new york will open to the public for the very first time. >> take a vehicle at ground zero in new york. as drew levinson reports, it comes a day after victims' families were there to mark 10 years since the terror attacks. >> reporter: today the world gets a close-up look of what family members saw yesterday. the national september 11th memorial honors the nearly 3,000 people killed at the pentagon, in shanksville pennsylvania and at the world trade center. sunday relatives delivered emotional messages to their loved ones as every name was read. >> i love you. >> and my father, sebastian gehrke, who i never met because i was in my mom's belly.
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>> reporter: the names surround two reflecting pools that sit where the twin tourist once stood. six moments of silence marked when the four planes crashed and the tourist came down. later beams of light streamed into the sky from the spot where the buildings once stood. while the memorial plaza is open here at at ground zero, there's an underground section as well as the museum that won't open until sometime next year. many family members are impressed with the work here. >> i was very moved by the pools and the names being carved out. >> reporter: president obama kept a day of remembrance for the concert of hope at the kennedy center. >> it will be said that we kept the faith, and we took a blow and emerged stronger. >> reporter: across the nation, there were tributes at sporting events and small-town ceremonies, americans are determined to forever honor the memory of those who were lost.
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drew levinson, cbs news, new york. and in pennsylvania, the newly dedicated flight 93 memorial will be closed until this afternoon as victims' friends and family gather for a private burial. three caskets will be buried near shanksville. they contain remains from the crash impossible to identify. flight 93 was the bay area united airways plane where it is believed that passengers thwarted the hijackers' plan to crash into the u.s. capital. the flight 93 victims were remembered in a special ceremony here in the bay area. hundreds of people gathered in union city yesterday to honor the heroes on that flight and the sacrifice they made. bathroom breaks caused a big security scare on two planes on the 9/11 anniversary. fighter jets scrambled yesterday to escort a flight from l.a. to the jfk airport. three people apparently locked
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themselves in a bathroom. they were still there when the jet landed. officials screwed passengers at the airport. a law enforcement source said the incident is not believed to be terrorism related. in a similar situation of detroit metropolitan airport, police detained three passengers on a frontier airline flight from denver all because flight attendants said two people were spending an extraordinarily long time in the bathroom. officials sent two f-16 jets to shadow the flight until it landed safely. three people were questioned and then released without charge. well, today president obama is expected to send his $447 billion jobs bill to congress. >> he is expected to call for swift passage of a bill in a white house speech. he will travel to ohio and north carolina urging lawmakers to pass it. the center of the plan, lowering payroll taxes. it also includes spending to hire teachers and rebuild
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school. commuters prepare to be disrupted this evening. another protest threatened. we are in san francisco with how the feds are cracking down. good morning, gunther. >> reporter: good morning, grayia. all is quiet now. but those who ride bart in and out of san francisco, anonymous is planning another day of action during tonight's commute. they haven't said where the protest will be, but typically civic center station has been the hub of the activity. again, anonymous is continuing to protest. bart is cutting self-service at a demonstration on august 11th. the protests typically begin after 5 p.m. and run for a few hours during the evening commute. commuters know it's forced delays in and out of san francisco with bart even having to shut down service at some of its san francisco stations. as we've been reporting over the past few weeks, bart has called on homeland security and the fbi, and what we're learning now is the fbi has carried out over 75 raids and
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arrested 16 people in connection with legal hacking jobs. fourteen of those arrested are believed to be from the bay area. those arrested are mainly in connection to anonymous hacking online financial service company paypal. the court documents show that the feds believe anonymous is also manning three more big jobs, including shutting down facebook in november for what anonymous says is concerns over privacy issues. now back to tonight's commute, we don't know what bart has planned. however, we do know there will be stepped-up patrol as homeland security has stepped up patrol at commuter stations across the country for the evening commute. grace? >> i'll take it. thanks very much. the woman charged with killing nursing student michelle lea goes back to court this morning. giselle estoban arraigned friday. she's expected to be assigned a
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public defender today. she might enter a plea as well. she is accused of killing lea in late may. her body has not been found, but her family plans another search this coming saturday. two men charged with killing a three-year-old in east oakland could enter pleas today. police think carlos nava was the innocent victim of a gang- related shooting last month. lawrence danard is suspected of shooting nava. police say a drug-related dispute could have been a factor in the deaths of two people found inside a burning apartment. their bodies were found early yesterday morning on the second floor of a building on cool edge avenue. police say the victims may have been assaulted before the fire was set. witnesses reported seeing someone leaving the scene as well, possibly with a gas can or devices to ignite a fire. the owner of the building believes the victims were not legal tenants. well, construction is set to begin this week on one of the most congested stretches of an expressway in santa clara
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county. the $8 million project will widen almond expressway to four lanes in each direction between brandon lane and blossom hill road in san jose. it's a long time coming for this expressway, the main link between almond and valley downtown. we'll have a live report all about it coming up at 5:00. well, i'm no weatherman, but i've got news for you, walking to my car, it was warm out there. >> it was nice out there. >> not usually this warm this early. >> what's going on. >> good morning monday weather. leaving the coat at home. temperatures certainly mild, sitting in the '50s and '60s out there as well, but definitely clouds in the picture. a cloudy start to the morning. we'll see the clouds persist into the afternoon. the moisture we saw over the weekend out the door at least here in the bay area, and we'll see sunshine a little later on in the week; but for this morning, clouds, clouds and more clouds. temperatures outside looking like 62 in redwood city, 59 in
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livermore, and warming up to 85 by this afternoon. the same story for layerfield. 77 a high in redwood city. warmer than what we saw yesterday, but still keeping the temperatures cooler than what we should be seeing this time of year. extended forecast showing a slight warm-up, maybe a couple of degrees for tomorrow. and wednesday is when we see the sunshine back in the picture, a slight cool down for thursday into friday, which will be the coolest day of your workweek. saturday and sunday going to warm those temperatures up a little bit. should be nice in the inland locations. that's a look at the weather. elizabeth now has a look at traffic. >> thank you, christy. so far bart is completely on time. but as a reporter as mentioned, expect delays for the evening commute home. planned pre-tests for downtown san francisco station. so plan accordingly. ace, muni, caltrain on time. if commuting through here, roadwork is still in effect for the next half hour.
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southbound 880 past the embark dero. watch for vary use lanes blocked. later the a's game. they take on los angeles at 7:55. more roadwork as you make your way westbound on 237 toward matilda. ongoing paving work in that stretch. that's traffic. back to you. 4:40. a major staffing shuffle at muni. how the agency hopes it will improve service. and the trouble with tina turkey is not over just yet. the new recall involving tens of thousands of pounds of turkey meat. a parking favorite in hot water. how sponge bob square pants could be hurting your kids' brains. ,,,,,,,,,, 3q
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take the finish challenge. my name is ashley and my blog is not without salt. when i take pictures of my food, you don't want to see spots on the dishes. i was using cascade actionpacs. they just didn't have that spot free look. when i took the finish challenge, i was thrilled. as soon as i opened up the dishwasher, i could tell there was a difference. my dishes had a shine on them. this little guy right here makes my dishes incredibly shiny. i'm moving on to finish quantum. take the finish challenge for yourself. if you don't see a difference, it's free. lookout for a carjacking suspect considered armed and dangerous. "dustin edward cooper" is wanted for violating parole. he is suspected of carjacking a vehicle in concord yesterday afternoon. police chased him for a time, but stopped after cooper abandoned the vehicle and ran. police say
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he then ca police stopped after cooper abandoned the vehicle and ran. police say he carjacked another person, drove it erratically and smashed it into other cars. if you have information, call concord police. muni drivers will soon be behind the wheel in san francisco. voters passed proposition g giving management more leverage when bargaining for a new contract. management won the right to use part-time drivers to cut down on overtime costs. muni is training 32 part- timewers the goal of having some of them on the job in the fall. it is 4:44. san jose council members tomorrow will consider a plan to tighten controls on medical operations with marijuana in their city. this proposal calls for providers to grow all of their product on-site. many providers say they don't have enough room to grow their own stuff. the city is considering several criminals to better keep track of the pot club's activities.
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the proposals include a citywide limit of 10 pot clubs. there are more than a hundred in san jose. u.s. stock futures are lower this morning after friday's losses put the dow below 11,000. european and the asian markets are down. the knee kay average slid more than 2% at its lowest closing level in two-and-a-half years. in hong kong, the hang sing plunged more then 4% today. world markets are worried about the health of european banks. and gas prices are higher than they were two weeks ago, especially right here in california. the lundberg survey finds the national average for regular is at 3.67 a gallon. that's up nearly 6 cents in the last two weeks; and in california, the average is up to 3.92 a gallon, about 20 cents more than it was two weeks ago. ouch. yeah, ouch in a big way. a movie about a deadly virus caught on at the box office over the weekend, i guess. >> we're talking about the
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thriller "connotation." it opened with a bang. >> on day one, there were two people and then four and then 16. in three months, it's a billion. that's where we're headed. >> they're calling out the national guard. they're moving the president underground. >> drama. population spread quickly with audiences, raking in more than $23 million. the movie displaced "the help," the top grossing movie over the last three weekends. going to go see "contagion"? >> i don't know. it's kind of scary. >> i'm sure your wife will -- >> no. she's a wimp when it comes to that kind of stuff. forget about it. time now 4:46. the best on "jeopardy." how watson is being put to work and how he could revolutionize health care coming up. and the big bucks fetched at an auction. >> i'm nervous, crazy nervous. from the ultimate sacrifice
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to the ultimate surprise, the big moment for a soldier popping the question. and contending with some cloud cover out there this morning, but temperatures pretty mild. a nice warm-up in store by this afternoon. i'll tell you how warm we're going to get when we come back. ,,,,,,
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morning.. as a tribute to the victims of september 11th. the memorial at ground that's a live look at coit tower. the 9/11 memorial at ground zero will be open to the public, too, for the first time this morning. the son of moammar gadhafi is reportedly in the north africa nation of niger. niger's justice minister said his country accepted gaddafi and eight former libyan officials on a humanitarian basis. this video is from a few months ago. his father's whereabouts are still unknown. meanwhile libya's new leaders are struggling to unite vary use groups of antigaddafi
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rebels amid fighting in that area. another russian hockey player has died today, the result of a plane crash that killed more than 40 other people including teammate alexander gaumenov. the only player on the plane to survive the crash. the only survivor now is night attendant who remains hospitalized in intensive care. 4:49. firefighters are battling a network of wildfires in curran county outside of bakersfield. it is believed the fires were sparked by lightning. so far the flames have scorched more than 40 square miles. some residents in mountain communities have evacuated their homes. crews are focusing on a major fire, plus two complexes made up of about eight smaller blazes. mosquitos selected from south san jose have tested positive for west nile virus. vector control said it will begin fogging this week, taking
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place between monterey highway. it is last through several hours wednesday night. authorities estimate between 1 to 3% of the mosquitos in southwest san jose are carrying the virus. and we saw some thunderstorms in the bay area this weekend. a little bit of moisture in the forecast as well, but a different story into this workweek. we are dealing with a little bit of cloud cover, though, as you're stepping outside this morning. temperatures, though, pretty mild. as greg mentioned earlier, it felt downright warm as they stepped outside this morning. going to stay cloudy into the afternoon. a little more sunshine, at least a mix of sunshine and clouds. temperatures today are going to warm up to the mid 80s in our locations. a few degrees of warming yesterday. the cloud cover in the picture this morning, seeing the low clouds at the coastline and seeing a mix of high clouds as well around the bay and in the inland locations. most of the moisture is concentrated to the south and east of us. at this point it's a low sitting off the coast of southern california, keeping the temperatures pretty consistent, slightly below average this time of year.
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we're not going to get totally sunny until we make our way later in the week. highs for today look like this, 73 hayward, 70 today as a high in oakland. fairfield 80s. cooler in avada at 79, and santa rosa warming up to 75. similar conditions for tuesday. wednesday you'll note we finally start to see more sunshine in the picture, and thursday and friday, slightly cooling down. friday will be the coolest day of our workweek, and probably next week in store, we'll bump the temperatures up in the inland locations to the low to maybe high 80s by the end of the weekend. so nice weather to look forward to. monday we're looking forward the weekend. >> i know. >> what does the weekend look like? >> okay to do that? >> an hour into the show, but how does the weekend look like. >> only four days away. >> exactly. >> how about some traffic alerts? what's cooking? >> what's cooking is roadwork. this time the antioch bridge.
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we don't often talk about roadwork on it, put we are this morning. if traveling highway 160, a one- way traffic criminal in effect in both directions this morning. should be wrapping up here shortly. they're scheduled to do that until 5:00 this morning. watch out for delays. antioch itself, westbound highway 4 so far looks good. toward concord. top speeds toward 242. he's check other brings. the san mateo bridge, nice and light. this is westbound 92. still a 13-minute drive time, 13, 14-minute drive time from hayward toward foster city. a check of the south bay, not too many problems. not much roadwork to tell you about. the live traffic sensors picking up top speeds, including traffic out of downtown san jose. love the shot this morning. you can't see a whole lot. there's a couple of highlights approaching the 880 interchange. we can tell you it's a pretty nice ride along the peninsula la. 101 and 280 pretty much problem- free. from the south bay a check of
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the north bay, and you can see 62 miles per hour as you cross the span of the golden gate bridge, and they're doing the lane change live on the air as we speak. so pretty shortly here, four southbound lanes should be open in the commute direction if you're headed into san francisco. by the way there is still overnight roadwork in ovada in the southbound lanes. let's talk about drive times for more popular routes across the east bay. an 18-minute drive from the carcinas bridge to the bay. the nimet looking good except for a little roadwork to slow you down a little bit as you approach 16th avenue, embark dare row, and mass transit again, these planned bart protests for later this evening could disrupt your commute home. but for now, bart systemwide on time. ace muni cal train reporting no problems. once you hit the road tune to our partners at kcbs. back to you. all right, elizabeth. thanks much.
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another turkey recall from cargill. the new recall involves 185,000 pounds of ground turkey products from the company's plant in arkansas for the same reason cargill recalled 36 million pounds of ground turkey last month, smam. this is for meat processed at the plant after production resumed following the earlier recall. so be on the lookout. you may want to think twice before sitting your toddler down in front of "sponge bob square pants." a psychology professor studied 605 four-year-old children. the study found that after just 9 minutes of the program, the kids showed short-term attention and learning problems. one of the best known contestants on the game show "jeopardy" is entering the insurance business. you may recall watson, the computer that tried against some of the best contestants of all time. now wellpoint is hiring watson. the computer will relay the patient's symptoms and history to textbooks and medical journals, and then, in seconds
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present several possible diagnoses. well, her story has kept us intrigued for decades. >> now the amelia earhart mystery is bringing in big bucks, too, some pictures and a pair of her goggles brought in more than $31,000 at an oakland auction yesterday. they were recently found in a northern california storage unit, believe it or not. the 1920s goggles alone brought in more than $17,000. also sold were 24 pictures of airheart preparing for her first flight attempt back in 1937. her plane disappeared during her second attempt that same year. >> maybe that's coming up now. >> i know, and stuck. i guess they got the pictures. she was just going to chuck them. she threw them away and fished them back up and said, "oh, maybe these are worth something." a break from the war gave an iraqi veteran the chance to pop the big question. >> plenty of people to see it
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happen. staff sergeant jesse fordyth had the question written out. his girlfriend kelly osborne couldn't miss it when she arrived home at the air point in minneapolis. >> you know, if we have to be away from each other, you know, we'll make do. you know, that's why we signed up, to do our job. if we have to be apart from each other, then that's what we'll do. >> want to put it on? >> yes. does it fit? >> it should. >> good idea. >> the bride to be, as you can guess, said yes. . their military training keeps them apart at times, but they said they hope to set a date within the next 6 months. >> she said yes, but put the ring on. >> good thing it fit. 4:57. fighter jets get called out on the anniversary of 9/11. . the suspicious behavior that caused two mid air scares. and a lasting tribute to the world trade center attacks. what the public will see at ground zero for the very first
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time today coming up. the group anonymous plans another crackdown on bart as the fbi plans its crackdown on anonymous. the full story ahead. one of the most congested areas in santa clara county set to get a major facelift this week. how long the project will take. all the details coming up. . ,,
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